Try these free overlays by Pixel Chat:


On Screen Chat Display

In game & On stream Mixer chat window. It uses a browser source for on-stream overlays, and we have a downloadable client for in game overlays. Pixel Chat supports custom colors, integrated mixer emotes, and even subscriber exclusive emotes.


A Beautified Shout Out Alert

On stream overlay for shout outs. It uses the browser source whenever a moderator types !so followed by the username of a Mixer member, a fancy little popup will appear on stream showing that users profile image with a customizable message. The trigger command is also adjustable.


Closed Captioning That Works!

Pixel CC is a live, real-time subtitle system for your stream. Use this to allow hard of hearing, or those watching on mute to enjoy your stream just like the rest of your viewers. This Overlay INCLUDES Pixel-Assistant, which is your voice-activated stream assistant. You want to give a shout out, simply say 'Pixel, shout out Matt' and it will activate our shoutout overlay.


Mixer's Favorite Giveaway Tool

By far the coolest looking, sounding, and working giveaway tool on Mixer. The animated giveaway will work for followers, subscribers, or everyone. With fully customizable commands it even will work in co-streams!
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Streamers and viewers alike both love Pixel Chat:

Great Guy who does Great Things

By far the best place for stream overlays on Mixer, with the prettiest chat overlay and the most majestically epic giveaway. :)

Easy, clean and fun to use. The giveaway overlay is next level with a dance party thrown in!

Great tools to empower streamers with more options
Outlandish Nerd