Chat Quiz

Chat Quiz

Chat Quiz is an overlay that does almost exactly what it sounds like! It's designed to be used on Starting Soon or BRB screens to keep chat entertained while you're gone!


Chat Quiz pulls from a big database of past Jeopardy questions currently containing over 50,000 questions, so you shouldn't run out of questions any time soon! (Please note that these questions are not "vetted", in other words it's just a huge list of past Jeopardy questions and may contain insensitive questions. If you happen to come across anything that seems off, please don't hesitate to reach out to @acpixel on Twitter and let me know!)


When a quiz is running, viewers can simply type the answer in chat, the overlay will pick up every response, and if it's correct will give it to them! It also has built in spell check, so even if the chatter doesn't spell the response perfectly, it will still give it to them!

There is also a Leaderboard on the overlay, this leaderboard will show how many questions each viewer has gotten correct, and will store that data between sessions, until a mod types the reset command in chat.

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