Event Train / Alert Widget

Event Train / Alert Widget

This widget is a lot of different things crammed into one! It was designed to be placed below a webcam, but can be placed anywhere you would like!

When the widget loads, it will display your Avatar, a user defined event timer, and the progress amount (starts at 0). When a event happens, the alert will trigger. Resetting the progress bar, and then adding a 1 to the progress amount. So each event, will add 1.

Also, a slick little feature is. Each chat message you receive. The widget will capture that users color and place it to the background of the avatar holder! (when the widget is reloaded. It will go back to the default)

Some of the features include:

  • Event Timer Adjustment
  • Event Amount Counter
  • Font Selection (Google Fonts)
  • Custom Colors
  • Alert Sound

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