Shout Out Overlay

The Shout overlay is designed to bring some whimsy to your shout outs of other channel.

This is designed to be used with a bot message so that your viewers can directly click on the link in the chat instead of having to type it out directly. Though this can be used on it's own as desired.


  • Style:
    • Background Colour
    • Font Colour
    • Font
    • Corner rounding
    • Channel icon rounding
    • Link font size
  • Display:
    • Length of popup
    • Bottom message text
    • Popup title
  • Other:
    • Show last game played
    • Show follower count

Other Features:

  • Music!
    • Select from a wide variety of different alert tones
    • Pro users can upload their own music to use
  • Animations for when the popup appears and disappears