Giveaway Overlay(Pro)

This overlay emboldens any giveaway on your channel with music, announcer voices, and subscriber-only giveaway capabilities.


  • Amount of time allowed to enter the giveaway (between 10 seconds and 2 minutes)
  • Amount of time for the person who won to type a custom command into chat to claim their prize.
  • Commands:
    • Start command (can only be used by mods and the streamer)
    • Join command (used by people to be entered into the giveaway)
    • Claim command (used by the winner to tell the giveaway not to pick another person)
  • Sounds:
    • Toggle music during the giveaway
    • Announcer voice
    • Song version (Note: Both song versions are completely copyright free and rights are owned by Pixel Chat, they are safe to use on your stream without risk of any copyright claims)
    • Volume
  • Style:
    • Two Accent Colours
    • Background Colour
    • Font Style
  • Subscriber only mode

Other Features:

  • Change the animations for each section of the giveaway.

Statistical Information:

This overlay does not account for previous winners, each giveaway is treated independent of every other giveaway. This can lead to what seems like the overlay unfairly selecting moderators for the winner, this appearance is purely because your mods will be in almost every giveaway (because they're in the channel for hopefully every stream) and because of that they will have the most chances at winning multiple. To get around this, tell your moderators not to enter the giveaway if you don't want them winning.