Closed Captions Overlay

The Closed Captioning overlay is created to make your stream more accessible for those hard of hearing or to make it so people can still know what you're saying if they have the stream muted.

This overlay uses Google's advanced Speech-To-Text engine to convert your speech using advanced machine learning techniques, because of how the overlay works, this is the only one that requires your browser be open to a specific page while streaming, this page must also be open in Google Chrome.

Due to the entertainment industry standards for closed captioning, this overlay has less customization than all of our other overlays.


  • Style:
    • Text colour (The Standard Recommends: White)
    • Background colour (The Standard Recommends: Dark Blue or Black)
    • Font (The Standard Recommends: An easy to read font, nothing fancy)
    • Font size
  • Time to reset during silence

Other Features:

  • Multi-Caption
    • You can send people you're co-streaming with a one-time use link and they can enter their name to also show up on your captions overlay with you!
  • Transcript mode
    • Have the overlay present as a transcript of the conversation, this works really well if you're in a group caption session with many people