Streamathon Overlay (Pro)

This overlay manages your streamathon duration for you. For each event your stream generates it adds a specific amount of time onto the timer for how long you need to stay live for.

NOTE: This overlay does not physically force you to stay live.

DISCLAIMER: Pixel-Chat is not responsible for how long your stream runs or for any physical or mental harm incurred by exerting yourself too hard, you must use your own judgement on staying healthy and safe whilst doing a streamathon


  • Text Colour and Font
  • Font Size
  • Per-Event Time Additions:
    • every 100 bits
    • Follows
    • Raids
    • Subscriptions
  • Amount of time to start with
  • Maximum total length
  • Commands:
    • Start timer
    • Manually add time

Other Features:

  • Limit the amount of time that can be on the timer at a single point
  • Sound to celebrate when the timer finishes