About Pixelchat

Pixelchat is a customizable Mixer.com overlay suite featuring Giveaways, Closed Captions, On-Screen Chat, and Shout Outs. Our goal is to make a customizable stream overlay system, that is not only free and simple, but is also functional and fast. That’s why we designed every element from the ground up to ensure its stable, functional, and faster than light.

Originally, Pixelchat started as a small project for a few friends to use as a chat overlay. Since it’s first generation in 2015 as a simple PHP script with no logins or anything, everyone seemed to like it, and we got tons of requests for new features, and more advanced mixer overlays. So we started making new overlays, but after a while, we realized that there were too many people wanting new things for our current system to handle. Then we got serious and designed PixelChat 2.0. The first working version was ready to be alpha tested. So we got together a few of our close Beam(Mixer’s old name) friends together and fixed hundreds if not thousands of bugs, it was finally time to head into beta. And so, with much excitement, we opened it to the public and started our first wave of networking.

It was an instant explosion! Over the next month it would grow to have over 1000 users, and almost 4000 created overlays. So we continued to create new and better streaming overlays like Pixel Give (our giveaway overlay) which was also a HUGE hit. We had a couple deaf viewers contact us and ask if there was a possibility to create a live mixer Closed-Captioning stream overlay. After looking over it, we had closed captions out and working in over 300 streams.

We now have over 3000 users and are growing more daily. Our overlays are updated regularly with new features based on innovation and streamer/viewer feedback.

We hope you love using PixelChat as much as we love making it!

Pixelchat’s Free Stream Overlays are designed and maintained by ACPixel.